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nightshadeplace's Journal

Nightshade Place
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This is a celeb AU rpg. This is mainly a slash game. No intention to cause harm to anyone, just a place for people to play.

nightshade_occ for out of character comments and notice__board for game news and announcements.

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Game Rules:
1. Players must be over 16 years old.
2. Make a journal for your character with icons; characters are played in their real names; and remember to put the disclaimer in the user info!!!!
3. Characters of 18 years and older are allowed; old characaters are more than welcome too.
4. Play nice, no bullying or discriminating against other players.
5. Slash and femmeslash is allowed; if you don't approve don't join.
6. Applications to join the game must be sent HERE.
7. You must include your email/aim to the characters' user info or journal so players and mods can get in touch with you.
8. Drama and sex is allowed, but violent and/or abusive storylines must be approved by the mods; if you find a storyline heading toward violence or abuse you did not plan and have not had approved, stop! and contact a mod.
9. Be active, if you're away for a while, make a post to the ooc community. If you know you will be gone contact your co-players in a thread or storyline, and work out how they can either write around your character or write your character out for now.
10. If for some reason you don't want or can't continue playing, please inform the mods or make a post to the ooc community.
11. Long posts and big pictures behind lj-cut.
12. Playing takes place in threads or in journals; if you play in journal make a link for it on your post to the main game site, so everyone can enjoy it; if you don't know how to make the link, you can find help here.
13. Post headlines are: Day, time and possibly the place, for example: Monday morning at the beach.
14. Read other posts so you know what's happening around your character/characters.
15. Make sure your character isn't in two places at the same time.
16. Please take your time, don't rush the game, the days are longer in the game than in RL; if you don't like to take things slow, don't join.
17. Be considerate, if the previous post is morning, don't write evening or night posts until others have played afternoons and evenings. We, the mods, don't want to delete posts, so please honour this rule.
18. If you want to move to a different time of the day before others, you can play it in the character's journal, just make a link to it in your other post.
19. You can play more than one character as long as your characters interact with others too.
20. Couples/Threesomes/Roommates/Families are welcome to Nightshade Place, but remember to play with other characters too.
21. When you join the game please use the form on the below of the info to make the introduction post to nightshade_occ.
22. The character of mr Quaid is the owner of the place, so every idea of a new event or happening (parties for example) must go through him or the mods, plot planning is up to the players.
23. Please keep your eyes on nightshade_occ and notice__board for all the latest news.
24. Please keep your character's journal updated, one update/month at least would be desirable.
25. Please follow the rules, we will all enjoy the game if we follow them.

Game Info:
Nightshade Place is a living community for people over 18 years old. It's in California and the nearest town is a couple of miles away. The Place is by the sea, close to woods with a spacious yard. Nightshade Place is owned by a wealthy millionaire, mr Quaid, who wants to offer inexpensive living accommodations for young and older people.

At Nightshade Place people can live either in bungalows or in the main building in rooms. The buildings are all very modern. Bungalows have two apartments each, first floor and second floor. First floor bungalows have little backyards towards the beach and second floor have balconies with a view to the sea. The bungalows with odd numbers have two rooms and a kitchen, the even numbered have three rooms and a kitchen. All the rooms in the main building have balconies too, some have the view of the ocean others of the woods. The bungalows and apartments are lightly furnished if the residents can't afford to buy their own furniture. But everyone can of course bring their own furniture with them too.

Besides the apartments, the main building includes gym with dressing room and showers, mr Quaid's office, janitor's office, laundry room and waiting area in the first floor. Mr Quaid's apartment, the lounge and the library are in the second floor. Storage space is located in the basement.

Other buildings around the grounds are the garage, the cafeteria, the security guard's cabin, the theater, storage shed and down at the beach there's a bar.

The theater will be used for parties, movie nights, showing of plays, stand-up comedy nights, talent shows, concerts etc. Mr Quaid will organize all sorts of special evenings often and the residents have the right to make requests or offer their services to these events.

The cafeteria is open for everyone. Food is included to the rent. Everyday breakfast will be served at 7am to 10am and lunch at noon to 3pm. Breakfast will include a proper English breakfast with bacon and eggs etc. There's also lighter options like cereal, fruits etc. There are three options for lunch everyday, one is a vegetarian dish. The weekly menu will be on the noticeboard every Monday morning. Evenings the cafeteria is open for people to use, when they ask a permission. Mister Quaid likes to have a big dinner party at least once a month and everyone is more than welcome.

Clubs and social gatherings are allowed, but residents must ask a permission from mr Quaid for those. He encourages social activity and is happy to see people interact with each other. There's lots of athletic equipment available for beach and other games. The lounge is full of video and board games, card games, stereo for music, instruments for people who like to play music themselves. Mr Quaid will also offer jobs and tasks/chores for everyone if they have a special skill or skills they'd like to develop or use to help others. The grounds are close to woods where there's lots of paths, fields and meadows to explore and jog or residents can also go camping there. There's lots of opportunities to do sports at Nightshade Place too.

Garage is for everyone's vehicles. There's also a parking lot. People can bring their own cars, motorcycles and bikes with them. Animals are allowed at Nightshade Place. But cats and small animals must stay in the rooms and dogs aren't allowed to be outside alone or off-leashed.

Notice board is an important part of Nightshade Place. All the latest news of the community and information of upcoming events will be shown there. People can put posters there after they've been approved by mr Quaid. Next to the notice board are the mail boxes. People who live in the bungalows have their mail boxes also in the main building.

Mr Quaid values peoples' input and hopes all the resident will enjoy living at Nightshade Place, so whenever there are problems the residents can turn to him for advice. He also values all improvement suggestions his residents make. He's not here to keep an eye on anyone, all the residents will have independent lives. Mr Quaid is only offering his support and help.

- Apartment: Dennis Quaid
- Apartment1: Anne Hathaway
- Apartment4: Natalie Portman

- Bungalow 1a: Gregory Smith
- Bungalow 1b: Johnny Depp
- Bungalow 2a: Tobey Maguire
- Bungalow 2b: Angelina Jolie
- Bungalow 3a: Jonathan Togo
- Bungalow 3b: Alex Band
- Bungalow 4a: Scarlett Johansson
- Bungalow 11a: David Duchovny
- Bungalow 11b: Matt Damon
- Bungalow 13a: Orlando Bloom

The Form for Introduction Posts:
Character name:
Character birthdate:
(Age whether it's RL age or age in the game)
Character birthplace:
Writer timezone/location:
Writer aim/email:

and a short introduction of your character, thank you!


mr_quaid Dennis Quaid - the owner

keepin_it_clean Gregory Smith - the janitor

bar_tender David Duchovny - the bartender

depp_flowers Johnny Depp - the gardener

protect_jon Jonathan Togo - the security guard

cooking_4_u Matt Damon - the cook/chef

cavity_worthy Alex Band - the pastry chef

winsome_a Angelina Jolie - the handyman/woman

heavenly_eyes Tobey Maguire - a resident

scarlett_fever_ Scarlett Johansson - a resident

pretty_natalie Natalie Portman - a resident

xrazy_anne Anne Hathaway - a resident

Players contact info.

Other valuable information:
- Please keep in touch with other players and get in touch with them, plan plots or/and storylines, make friends if you want, but keep the out-of-character conflicts out of the game.
- Mr Quaid has a link to his mail box in the user info site, so players can get in touch with him, other players can make their own mailboxes if they want to.
- Posting pictures and drawings is very welcome, just use lj-cut.
- If you want to keep your eye on characters birthdates, they are HERE.